Olive Oil Quinta da Romaneira

The Douro Valley has a microclimate and soil particularly suitable for olive trees, which have been grown here for centuries.

Our olive groves are planted with the traditional varieties of Cordovil, Galega, Verdeal and Madural. After hand picking they are ground in a granite stone mill before pressing and filtration (first cold pressing only).

Our oil has a very low natural acidity, with a fine aromatic bouquet reminiscent of the herbs and plants that grow wild throughout the property.


Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2019: Category "Fruity Ripe": GOLD Medal
Olive Oil National Competition 2018: Category "Fruity/Green/Smooth": GOLD Medal

Olive Oil National Competition 2017: Best Olive Oil in Portugal - PRESTIGE Medal
Olive Oil National Competition 2017: Category "Estate Olive Oil - Fruity/Green/Intense": GOLD Medal

I Olive Oil International Competition 2014 - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil: GOLD Medal
Extra Virgin National Contest 2011: GOLD Medal
1º Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Northern Portugal Competition (Douro & Trás-os-Montes) - 'Frutado Verde' Category: Gold

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