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Vintage Port 2007

The year 2006/7 was especially rainy during the months of November, February, May and June. This was very positive as it replenished reserves in the soil that had previously been very low. 
Comparing with the averages of the past 30 years we had higher temperatures than normal in the months from November to January, and cooler than usual in May and June. 
This combination of adequate rain with cooler temperatures was especially favourable in the periods of veraison and maturity, which took place in regular and temperate conditions. 
Quantities were low. Harvest took place from 12th September until 14th October in magnificent sunshine and  grapes were in perfect sanitary condition.
The first tastings revealed wines of great quality generally, with several lots of Vintage quality.  The wines are marked by a lovely elegance, balance and finesse, with very pure delicate fruit. Although quantity was relatively small, the quality is excellent.

Tasting notes:

Fine intense brilliant pure fruit. Fresh balanced and elegant, classic and harmonious. Open expressive nose, captures something of the wildness of the place.

Grape varieties:

Touriga Nacional (60%), Touriga Francesa (30%) and Tinto Cão (10%).

Vintage 2007 Technical Sheet [PDF]

Best served
Slightly chilled or at room temperature.